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Reality Therapy – I have been a long-time fan of fantasy and animated movies. I play them whenever I feel down and need to get away from the real world. Their stories always hooked me and made me feel like I was really somewhere else, even if I was only in my bedroom. Then, when it’s over, I feel better than ever. My friends and family say I need reality therapy, and I looked it up. Apparently, people who experience the same can benefit from reality therapy.

Now, if you think about movies like Disney’s DescendantsMinions, and recently Fe@rless, they have one thing in common. The villains in those films inherited their evilness from their parents. And it was not as if they were forced to do it. In truth, they wanted to surpass their parents’ evil deeds by doing anything and everything possible.


Why It’s So Easy To Be Bad

It is so easy to be bad because bad people are typically thrill-seekers. It entails that the more danger they put themselves in, the more they want to do something all over again until they achieve their goal. In the fantasy movies’ cases, that would be mass destruction and world domination. They would only stop if the heroes could render them powerless.

Even in the real world, you know, it is also easy to become bad. The reason is that people tend to follow in their parents’ footsteps. For instance, if the child sees their parents stealing, abusing substances, and doing other awful activities, they could see them as normalcy. And when they grow up, they may think that that’s the only way to get through life. It does not always happen, but you’ll be surprised at how much it commonly happens.

Choosing To Be Good

When bad people get busted for their wrongdoings, others are quick to judge them. They say, “Oh, apples don’t honestly fall too far from the tree.” Or, “Going to prison serves them right.” None of them may know that everything may have been prevented if the wrongdoers had access to therapy at the beginning of their lives. Believe it or not, you can choose to be good.


Saying the last statement out loud would often earn me weird looks from other people. They would nod and smile, but their eyes would be saying, “Okay, it’s your funeral.” Then, I would come across more blunt ones who would tell me that that’s a load of crap. “Bad people don’t change,” they would insist. “If you try to help them, you will get sucked in and hurt in no time.”

I cannot blame those individuals for thinking this way, of course. I am privy to some folks who would act friendly when you are facing them. But when you turn your back, good luck – you cannot imagine the crazy things they might do or say about you.

Despite that, I will stand behind my initial belief that being good is a choice. It genuinely is. Although many people follow their parent’s evil deeds, become criminals, and embrace lawlessness, more people with worse role models fight hard to ensure that they would be nothing like their parents. I repeat: that is always a chore, especially when you think of how easy it is to choose becoming bad. Still, they take every day that they don’t snap at someone a victory. That tends to keep them on the right path.


Choose To Be Good

I have come across a number of people who did not know that they were doing awful things until I asked them to recount their past actions and see if they were harmful to others. Once they realize it, they want to know how to make the correct choices to become good. And while no two individuals are the same, the ideas on how to achieve goodness are always similar.

Reality Therapy

If You’re Angry, Back Away

When anger rules over you, it may seem so right and easy to confront the person who made you angry and brawled with him. That action informs others who’s boss and that they should not mess with you.

Despite that, good people don’t start fights. Instead, they back away and wait until their anger simmers. Only when they are calm enough to form coherent words that they speak up about their issues with the other person.


Don’t Do What You Never Want To Experience

It seems typical for wrongdoers to feel better about what they’re doing by thinking that they succeeded in their evil deeds because their victims allowed them. Well, that is not a very healthy way of thinking about the situation. It’s as if you are saying the others want to be taken advantage of, which is never the case.

As a rule of thumb, you should never try to do something that you don’t want to experience in this lifetime or the next. This idea covers a slew of things. Whatever you can apply this to – be it robbing, hitting, etc. – you’re correct. You should never do any of them.

Reality Therapy

Becoming good should be easy if that’s what you have always strived to achieve. Even when you have done some awful things in life, you can still be good if you choose it. This is taught and learned in reality therapy which is beneficial for people who have a hard time deciding because of confusion in the real things that happen around them.


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