Expanding Technological Opportunities Through The 2014 Detroit Technological Expo

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The 2014 Detroit Technological Expo conducted by the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), a membership organization of executives and industry partners working together in association management disciplines including finance and technology. There are two very important benefits brought about by this technological expo:

Opportunity To Meet With Like-Minded Individuals

The technological exhibition was attended in by over 1,000 participants, thereby making it one of the highest attended conferences in history. This means that participants had the extraordinary opportunity to convene with a huge crowd who are all interested in technological innovations for their respective organizations, regardless of the industry where they belong.

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Participants were able to take part in what they call the five educational pathways including content, c-suite, leadership and management, next-generation learning, and platforms and applications. Through these learning exposures, the attendees engaged in an educational exchange of ideas and brought with them new strategies to implement in their organizations.

Expert Training And Novel Technology Exposures

The CIOs who participated in the event were given a special activity called the CIO Pre-Conference Program meant to cultivate and further improve the CIOs entrepreneurial thinking – with a particular focus on the utilization of technology. Through this, CIOs were able to widen their knowledge as to how to develop and adopt practical solutions to business problems through technology and after that, streamline their competitive advantage because of this.

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Finally, ASAE’s CIO himself showcased a couple of new technologies that can be used in every organization. This includes a drone, 3D printer, visual presenter, and all those modern technological developments that could make business operations more efficient and reliable.

Technological innovations are undeniable what every organization today would need to survive, lest they perish into obsolescence or irrelevance. To stay up to date and ready to deliver the needs of the changing market trends, events like the 2014 Detroit Technological Expo are essential for organizations to continuously learn, unlearn, and relearn the ins and outs of modern technology.

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