The 2014 Detroit Technological Expo conducted by the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), a membership organization of executives and industry partners working together in association management disciplines including finance and technology. There are two very important benefits brought about by this technological expo:

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It is extremely rare to meet a teenager who never went through the awkward stage. That usually happens during puberty when your body goes through a series of physical changes due to hormones. The boys’ voice cracks before it deepens, thus causing them not to want to talk much until the transformation is complete. The girls begin to experience a bit widening of the hips and breast growth too, which they may wish to hide as much as possible. The thing is, everyone can get…Continue Reading “Helping Yourself Cope With Social Anxiety Disorder”

Going through adolescence is not a simple walk in the park for girls. Your parents expect you to know the wrong choices from the right ones. They want you to excel at school, do your chores at home, and possibly get a job in the summer. Then, there are the aspects of finding real friends, weeding out the bad influences, and making sure that your heart doesn’t get toyed with by silly boys. Another thing that haunts girls is the issue of teenage pregnancy. We…Continue Reading “Why Teenage Pregnancy Became Prevalent In The Past”

A child who used to love being the center of their parents’ attention changes during adolescence. When the mom asks where you are going in the middle of the night, you might say you will attend a group study even though you are actually going to a friend’s party. When the dad wants you to be home before seven o’clock every day, you might question their order and still stay out later than that, irrespective of the consequences. It is highly apparent that this transformation…Continue Reading “Parental Obligations That Teens Need To Accept”

You don’t have to travel the world to know how much teens can do to please their peers. Some learn how to smoke, snort drugs, or participate in sexual activity early. Others tend to commit a criminal offense because their so-called friends asked them to do so. When the time comes to pay for their mistakes, though, the latter disappears and acts as if they never hung out together.   Those are only a few of the bad things you might experience once you join…Continue Reading “Why A Teenager Like You Should Never Give In To Peer Pressure”

Whether people see teenage couples in the silver screen or online media platforms, many cannot help but swoon for their relationship. Young love always seems so sweet, after all. The lovebirds talk about and share their dreams with each other. They do not have to deal with various responsibilities like adults. It gives them a shot at meeting their one true love early too. Despite that, we are not oblivious of the fear that reigns over the parents’ hearts whenever they think of their teenage…Continue Reading “Things To Think About Before Allowing Teens To Start Dating”


Ever since you can remember, your parents, aunts, uncles, and teachers have all probably been teaching you the basics of common courtesy. For instance, they might say, “Honey, when we reach your grandpa’s house, you should greet and kiss everyone there on the cheek.” Whenever you go to school, the adults might tell you to “share your stuff with your classmates.” They may even want you to befriend and be kind to everyone in the class.

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